Windows XP to change the screen saver

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    After login to Windows, you should have to load the desktop.In the lower the top left corner of the screen, click on "start" button.A vertical menu will pop up.

    Up the pop-up start menu on the right, there are many commonly used items.The graph is' control panel 'is one of the project.

    Click on "control panel" option, on the start menu.

    Load control panel will display all of the available Settings.You will see in the picture we highlighted in a "display" icon.

    Use the mouse to double-click on the "display" icon.

    The display properties window will appear.

    Along the "display properties" at the top of the window, you will see the five tabs.The middle and the third is the screen saver TAB.Click this TAB.

    You will see the screen saver "window, the following figure

    By default, Windows XP screensaver option, it if there has been no in the screen??The curtain of the pixels on the movement.

    You see a preview monitor display screen saver looks like.

    If you click on the "screen saver" drop-down box, now read the Windows XP, you will see a list of available screen saver.Click the screen saver you are using.

    You will find that the screen saver will be chosen in the preview monitor preview.

    You can choose in the screen saver drop-down box before Windows XP startup screen saver, will wait for the amount of time.Windows XP default is 10 minutes.Use small or down arrow to adjust the time in minutes.

    You'll see a checkbox, asking whether or not to "in recovery, presented with a welcome screen.This record of the computer, because it assumes that you are away from your desk.If you were not log off your computer more secure.

    Once you choose the screensaver option, click the "ok" button, close the display properties window.

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