Windows XP - Slow Boot

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  1. martinez New Member

    What should i do ?
  2. KevinL Administrator

    1.Download Recovery Console CD from this ticket and Unzip. Burn the .iso file using CD burning software
    2. Insert Recovery Console CD and Restart PC
    3. Select CD-Drive, press enter
    4. Once recovery console loads (may take 1-2 mins), Press "R" to launch into recovery console (Blue Windows screen, second option)
    5.Select which drive has the windows installation, Probably just "1" for one hard-drive installed. press enter key ( Black Windows command prompt)
    6. password should be blank, just press enter key
    7. when you see "c:\windows\" type the following "cd system32\config" and press enter (Cursor does not flash at this point)
    8. (optional) you can type "DIR" to see a list of the files within this directory if you like.
    9. Type "Rename default defaultBACKUP" and press enter, this will change the "default" file to a "defaultBACKUP"
    10. Type "exit" and press enter, this will restart the PC.
    11. You may now remove the recovery console CD, and the Slow Bootup time should be resolved.
    12.Once back in windows, Run the Registry Edit file that has been attached to this ticket to stop the issue from re-occuring in the future.
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  4. isawa New Member

    I used to have this problem, and to find someone to help me to optimize and increase the ram. Now boot faster.

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