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    I downloaded Windows Paramount Protection by mistake when I was surfing the internet the day before yesterday, and during the past two days, I received a large amount of security warnings one after another, I tried various kinds of antivirus programs aimed at eliminating this unwanted thing, but finally I had to surrender, since this is so stubborn and hard for me to deal with, I want it gone, please help!

    Computer users may have come across Windows Antivirus Master, Windows Efficiency Master or Windows Safety Master, but may have never met Windows Paramount Protection, but from the degree of similarity of their names, users may be able to judge easily that they are from the same family, that is Rogue.FakeVimes family. Once being infected, your computer will be flooded by all kinds of fake scan results and warnings, along with those fake messages, they are mainly telling you that your computer has been seriously infected; some prompts also come up to mislead you to download the installation file. Don’t believe any words that given by this fake program and at the same time don’t download anything that offered. Or with money flow away, your computer will be further damaged.

    Learn More about Windows Paramount Protection

    If there are leaks on your computer, Windows Paramount Protection may take good advantage of them and comes into easily, with the coming of it, the security level of your computer will be decreased sharply, which is equal to breed evils on your computer. This rogue program also points the arrows at the windows registry, once becoming its target; the whole registry will be out of order seriously, which means there is no security for the well performance of the computer, there is no doubt that your computer becomes less and less safe, unwanted errors would be very likely on the way to further corrupt the system. In the initial stage, you will notice that the whole computer seems to work in a rather weird way, it performs slowly and gradually you will notice that this or that folder or file is infected or just missing sneakily, what worth to mention is that this virus has the ability to access financial details or other privacy of the users and send them to the third party, finally, cyber hackers are able to manipulate the whole computer and make chaos randomly, the system may end in a complete crash in that case.

    How Will You Get Windows Paramount Protection And Ways to Manually Remove it

    To a large extent, Windows Paramount Protection hides itself along with free programs that users may download from the internet; computer will get easily infected if you tend to download free programs unlimitedly. Likewise, visiting malicious websites and opening suspicious links or spam E-mail attachments are also responsible for this infection, to your consternation; your computer will be infected soon after you violate any of the above mentioned commandments. Therefore, computer users should gallop away from pornographic websites, online bogus advertisements and online free downloads as far as possible. As we all know that both firewall and antivirus programs play a dispensable part in protecting the computer from being attacked by various kinds of viruses or other computer threats, but to your disappointed, they sometimes fail to live up to users’ expectations and won’t be able to beat Windows Paramount Protection. Regarding to this risky fake antivirus, it firstly disables the firewall and antivirus programs on your computer and forbids users to run any legitimate application, thus nothing can be done to help deal with this virus, in this case, computer users may be taken in easily and pay for its recommend programs hoping all the issues would be fixed in time, but this wish won’t become a real thing.

    To sum up, Windows Paramount Protection is so risky a virus that highly attention should be laid on and further remedies should be taken immediately, manual removal is ready to meet your urgent need and have this big virus disappeared from your computer with at a very fast speed.


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