win7 sound icon disappeared how do?

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    No sound icon What is the reason?
    I. problems caused by a virus, some security antivirus software killing the virus when the virus will infect system files as a Trojan virus killing, without giving repair caused by, for example dsound files.
    Two. Sound card driver is corrupted or procedures relating to driver installation errors.
    Three. User errors cause the system configuration changes.

    Computer does not sound icon solution

    1 sound card driver is installed correctly, install the regular hardware drivers.

    2 System Configuration Issues
    1) From the Start menu, point to open the Control Panel, open the inside of the little horn "Sounds and Audio Devices"
    "Place volume icon in the taskbar" checkbox on the point can be determined; If you have already checked, uncheck first, and then re-check it again.
    2) will reproduce the sound icon in the task bar, click the icon to adjust the volume up. By this method has been able to solve the problem of sound icon disappeared.

    3 Check whether the computer virus Trojan.

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