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    I've a Sony VAIO ( Model no :VGN- NW-150J) with a Win 7 OS. I'm getting an OS not found error on booting up.

    The first time I noticed things weren't quite right was right after some Windows updates ,a couple of months ago if the laptop was left idle,the laptop would freeze & I had to force shut it downby powering off.
    I started getting the OS not found error a couple of times & I resolved it by just shaking it a bit ( yeah sounds crude right) - anyway it would immediately boot up & I could continue.;))
    The next time around I used a recovery CD( which I had some sense to create the 1st time around when the OS was still stable) & it helped me solve the problem by reaching Startup repair function
    I had Norton 360 antivirus until a couple of weeks ago & when the subscription ran out,I installed the Avast antivirus..& it was still working & I pretended everything's fine.
    But yesterday when I tried to start it,I got the same OS not found error & this time no amount of shaking helped:((
    Neither did using the recovery CD & getting to the start up repair .
    I got the message " Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically " & on expanding the prob details,the following came up
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