What is the Koda virus?

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    What is the Koda virus?
    The Koda virus is ransomware alike the FBI virus, that uses ransom lock Trojans, and blocks (locks) computer systems from being used using a fake screen disguised as Koda (non profit copyright management), claims there is illegally downloaded (pirated) music on your computer which is a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright law, and demands a fine of several amounts and currencies depending on the country of origin, determined by IP address, paid by either using Paysafe card, Green Dot Monepak Cards, Ultimate Game Cards, UKash Vouchers, and other online payment systems. Please note, paying the fine using the allowed payment system will not remove the Koda virus from your system.

    The claims made by the Koda virus on the fake prompted alert screen are false, you are not in trouble with Koda… but you do have a particularly dangerous infection and if the Koda virus is not removed, Koda ransomware is capable of destroying complete functionality of a computer system. The Koda virus also puts you at a very high risk of cyber criminal attacks concerning identity theft, credit theft, extortion, and more.

    The image above is a screen shot of a variant of the Koda virus. Screenshots of the Koda virus may appear differently but require the same removal instructions.

    How did my computer become infected with the Koda virus?

    The Koda virus may have been contracted by unknowingly visiting a website hosting malware, visiting a drive-by-download website, or falling victim to online phishing techniques such as spam mail or rogue software.

    What is Koda?

    Koda is a non-profit collective rights management society that administers Danish and international copyrights for music creators and publishers, when their music is performed in public. Koda represents approximately 36,500 Danish composers, songwriters and music publishers.

    Visit www.Koda.dk
    Koda Virus Dangers, Symptoms, And Process
    The Koda virus is dangerous ransomware controlled by Trojans capable of many dangerous attacks and criminal activity.

    Trojans allow this infection to take complete and/or remote control of a system. The Koda virus can stay dormant and collect information such as keystrokes, as well as view an infected user through connected webcams, and/or direct a computer to lose complete functionality.

    Once infected with the Koda virus a computer system becomes locked and a fake attention screen or page depicting Koda copyright management is displayed stating a fake alert message which may say on of the following paragraphs below:

    Danish version:
    Der er fundet musik, som er ulovligt downloadet (piratkopieret), på din computer.
    Ved at downloade musikken er den blevet reproduceret, hvilket er en kriminel handling i henhold til Afsnit 106 i Loven om ophavsret.
    Du kan identificeres ved, at din IP-adresse og det tilhørende værtsnavn analyseres.

    English version:
    There’ is found music that was illegally downloaded (pirated) on your computer.
    By downloading the music, it has been reproduced, which is a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright law.

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