What is the advantage of ECC memory

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    ECC is the full name of "Error Checking and Correcting", from the name we can see that its main function is to discover and correct mistakes, it is more advanced than odd-even correction technology aspect mainly is that it can not only find errors, and to correct these errors and correct these errors after the computer to perform the following tasks correctly, ensure the normal operation of the server. Say it is not a memory model, it is because is not an influence on the speed of memory structure and storage technology, it can be applied to different types of memory, as we said before the "calibration" parity of memory, it is not a kind of memory, the first application of this technique is the EDO memory, SD is used now, and ECC memory mainly starts from the SD memory is widely used, and the new DDR, RDRAM has corresponding application, the current mainstream of ECC memory is actually a SD memory.

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