What is PPPOE, PPPoE What are the advantages?

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    What is PPPOE, PPPoE What are the advantages? Current mainstream broadband access methods are PPPoE virtual dial. Every day we are using broadband Internet access, but most of my friends, compared to less familiar with the concept of PPPOE fact PPPOE virtual dial-up ISP operators are completed easily and effectively manage a user's authentication technology. Internet access users while growing geometrically now, Internet service providers and telecom operators need to be addressed to support multi-user broadband access services to ensure high-speed network transmission speed, but also to ensure the operation more simple and easy to access OK, it spawned a PPPOE technology. Here we come together to learn relevant knowledge under PPPOE virtual dial, and I hope to be helpful to the novice friends!

    What is PPPOE
    pppoe is a point-to-point protocol over ethernet short, can make the host via a simple Ethernet bridge device connected to a remote access concentrator. By pppoe protocol, the remote access device to achieve access control and billing for each user. Compared with traditional access methods, pppoe with high performance and low cost, it includes a series of community networking applications are widely used, currently popular ADSL broadband access on the use pppoe agreement.

    Goal is to solve the PPPOE protocol modem access technologies face a number of conflicting goals, it is necessary to connect multiple remote hosts via the same user pre-access devices, but also provide a similar dial the same access control, billing, etc. function, but also to minimize the kind of network technology user configuration operations and other issues.

    PPPoE advantage
    PPPoE is not only fast and easy features Ethernet, as well as PPP's powerful, no agreement can be encapsulated PPP can be transmitted via PPPoE, in addition to the following characteristics:

    1, PPPoE is easy to check the user is offline, through the establishment of a PPP session and release the user based on the statistical length or traffic, billing flexibility.
    2, PPPoE provides a dynamic IP address allocation, users do not need any configuration, network maintenance is simple, no need to add the device IP address shortage problem can be solved, but according to IP address assignment can be well positioned within this site's user activity .
    3 users free PPPoE client software (such as EnterNet), enter the user name and password to access the Internet, with the traditional dial-up is similar to the greatest extent possible continuation of the user's habits, from the operator's point of view, PPPoE its changing the existing network structure is very small.

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