The use of the Netstat command skills

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    1, netstat, some commonly used options
    Netstat -s
    This option can be according to the agreement respectively according to the statistical data. If our application (such as Web browsers) speed is slow, or can't display a Web page data, then we can use this option to look at the displayed information. We need to take a closer look at the statistics of all, find the wrong keywords, and then determine the problem. feeds
    Netstat - e
    This option is used to display statistics about Ethernet. It lists of projects including transmit data to the total number of bytes, error number, delete, the number of the number of the datagram and radio. These statistics have to send a datagram number, number of datagram has received. This option can be used for statistical some basic network traffic).
    Netstat - r
    This option can display information about the routing table, similar to the back of using route information to see when the print command. In addition to show effective routing, also shows the current effective connection.
    Netstat - a
    This option displays a list of all valid connection information, including the connection has been ESTABLISHED (ESTABLISHED), including LISTENING connection requests the connection (LISTENING).
    Netstat - n
    Show all the established effective connection.

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