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    While I was browsing the web and Windows AntiVirus Tool webpage popped up in a sudden, the whole screen was covered by this strange thing; I don’t know what it is and whether I should buy the so called version of it. But I know I should turn to someone for advice and do more research first. I need to have an expert remove this virus for me, help!

    In recent years, computer viruses prevail throughout network and more and more computers become easier to be infected, among which, fake antivirus programs is a really big threats to computer users. Windows AntiVirus Tool is one of these kinds of infection and is considered to be extremely maddening. It frightens its victims by doing serious harm to computers once infected. Without any consent from you, it sneakily infiltrates into your computer and creates a number of troubles; it is so stubborn and troublesome a rogue program that no antivirus can handle it. But on the contrary the antivirus programs in turn can be blocked by this virus, not to mention deleting this virus with it. This virus was created by the cyber criminals in order to hack money from computer users.

    If you are the one who got Windows Antivirus Tool, first of all you should seek to know what may be the causes of this infection, for most computer users, it would be hard for them to answer. They didn’t install it but it gets into your computer by itself, each time you deal with attachments of spam emails, download share of files under network environment, you may get it by incident. Once successfully on board, this big virus automatically performs a scan in your computer and once it is finished, a number of potential threats and suspicious viruses are listed one by one, with so many infections that have been detected as the powerful evidence, computer users may be taken it and trust that their computer is under the state of seriously infected. And coincidentally there is a way provided by Windows Antivirus Tool warmly, it claims it can help fix your big issue on condition that you need to purchase its full version. Never pay for it, any message linked to this virus is fake, they may perform like a legitimate one and do the security for you, but it won’t do the good job that other legitimate antivirus would do to your computer, but just create damages. Therefore, don’t expect any good will be done by this rogue progra
    m, or you would be rather disappointed finally.

    After careful considerations of those possible damages, we have to admit that Windows Antivirus Tool should be removed without any delay; manual removal with expert skills is the most suitable choice for most of computer users in this case.


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