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    My Sony Laptop has windows 7 and got Windows Antivirus Suite thing on it, I thought it was a good computer security helper, since it looked and performed almost the same as the known and legit antivirus. But later I goggled and found that it was a fake one, this is indeed makes my hair stand on end, I am in need, help!

    Windows Antivirus Suite belongs to the so called a fake antivirus program, computer users are used to turning pale at the mere mention of this kind of computer virus. Dressing in the cloth of hypocrisy, it tries to perform like other famous antivirus programs as possible as it can, but no matter how realistic its performance is, finally the ugly face of this virus will be exposed without reservation. Cyber criminals created this rogue program with the goal of hacking money from innocent users in an invisible way, this has been seen an old trick of them, don’t be taken in.

    Once successfully have its place on your computer, each time after the reboot, Windows Antivirus Suite runs itself automatically at the same time without your notification. Unlike those legitimate antivirus programs that aim at dealing with all sorts of security problem s on user’s computer, this fake one do harm to computer instead. It always performs a scan on your computer automatically, soon after the scan; a variety of problems are detected. In order to fix all those bad issues in time, you are recommended to buy its full version, or the situation may be worse and worse. Simple minded computer users usually regard it as real one and threatened by this scam, some users even pay for its full version as an end. To tell you the truth, appearances are never the ultimate reality, any message that has something to with this virus is fake, your computer are not facing that kind of exaggerating danger as it boasts.

    In most people’s eyes, computer virus can’t do any threats to their computers if they have antivirus installed, but that’s no longer the case now, for most antivirus programs are not omnipotent. Regarding to Windows Antivirus Suite, no antivirus can handle it. Therefore, this virus bypasses its protection easily and gets into users’ computer at random; then a vast degree of damage will be followed. First, for the three commonest and well known browsers, on matter internet explorer, Firefox or Google, they will somewhat be affected and work in a slow speed, sometimes, it even stops the browser from working and you web work will be interrupted completely. Second, for those who store precious files, data or other kind of important information on the computer, they will be missing for no reason, actually, they are sent to the third parties for illegal purposes. Third, application programs will be infected as well, codes that have been covered in program won’t be able to recover, even if computer virus is deleted, the previous application programs could not be recovered. Last but not the least; finally, your computer would be totally controlled by the virus and won’t be inaccessible any more. There are many online activities due to the final infection of Windows Antivirus Suite; it may be bundled with a variety of free software that you download from the Internet for free, opening spam messages, clicking dangerous links or pop-ups as well as visiting suspicious WebPages.

    With so many bad results created by Windows Antivirus Suite, how could you tolerate and keep Windows Antivirus Suite in your computer? But for those users who are lack of good expertise, it is absolutely not advisable if they want to remove it on their own, why not turn to some people who are specialize in virus removal for help, it will be faster, more effective and avoid creating more damages to your system.

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