Remove Windows Antivirus Master Virus Manually

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    From somewhere a program me or something known as Windows Antivirus Master virus has been installed in my laptop, it just popped up on my screen and won't go away. I've tried shutting down and rebooting, I’ve tried everything that's available online but it's not going from my system I've followed instructions online and am on the processes screen but don't know which processes I need to end. Can you help?

    Windows Antivirus Master Virus, as a member of the category of rogue anti-spyware, has been released lately to attack a number of windows users’ computers. It pretends to be a helpful PC protection tool, and with this well-meaning cover, it wins trust from computer users and starts to make chaos on their computer without any reservation, most of time, it suddenly pop ups on your computer and does a security scan for you, later it would inform you that something bad has happened on your computer, if you want to eliminate those facing potential threats and make your computer work properly, you are required to buy its registered version and the cost is always of a big amount. Above all, Windows Antivirus Master Virus keeps trying to perform itself as legit as a legit one as possible, but no matter how vivid it works on your computer; ultimately it is just a fake one.

    Windows Antivirus Master Virus installs itself automatically to the system without having any permission of computer users, you should keep your computer away from freeware or shareware online as possible as you can, since they are always found out to be the main sources of this rouge software, Trojan virus is also considered to be another possible factor that finally cause this infection, since it is able to corrupt the system first and then opens a large door in the backstage, through which, Windows Antivirus Master Virus gets into your system easily without being killed by antivirus programs such as Avast, MSE or Norton. Don’t be carried away and fall for its trap, since it is not a real protector that is able to serve your computer well, it won’t be capable of doing anything that you want it to do for you. On the contrary, it will make lasting chaos to your system and makes your computer work improperly as an end.

    If you do have Windows Antivirus Master Virus on your computer and have no idea what the solution is, you may face a lot of unexpected damages due to its big destruction; manual removal would be able to help you out without leaving any worries behind.


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