Remove “Ads by Keep Now” pop-up virus

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    Remove "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus

    Has your browser taken over by "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up but don’t have any idea about the annoyance? Take easy, the post will help you to get more knowledge about the nasty browser hijacker.

    What is "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up?

    'Ads by Keep Now" pop-up has been classified as crafty browser hijacker which is targeted in getting command of victims’ browsers and then making those compromising browser as a platform for cyber criminals to advertise. As soon as installed on a targeted computer via some dirty methods without the consciousness from innocent computer users, it will make every effort to take over the browser on the computer and then make a modification of the default settings of the infected browser. On account of the modification, computer users are unable to use their computer normally as once they launch browsers; their homepages will be relocated to “Ads by Keep Now”pop-up page with numerous commercial advertisements which added by cyber criminals to boost revenue without permission.

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    The methods for “Ads by Keep Now”pop-up virus to sneak into a targeted computer

    Are you still in the bind of the tricky virus and confusing about how it infiltrate into a targeted computer in the protection of your anti-virus program. In reality, the "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus spares no effort to attack a random computer secretly to escape from the victims’ consciousness. Innocent computers may be attacked by the two main manners as following. On the one side, the browser hijacker is going to hack a random computer when its users download or install a free program which contains the browser. Hackers has the ability to launch the browser hijacker to some free programs so when computer users download or install a free program which is bundled with the annoying browser hijacker. Therefore, computer users should pay more attention to the free programs and then do more searches before they make a decision to install. If you really need to get the free program installed on your computer, you are required to select custom installation, instead of choosing a default one to skip the install process. It can’t be too careful for users to surf the internet.

    On the other side, the "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus can be promoted to a targeted computer via some web pages. To illustrate, if users pay a visit to a vicious web and their computer may be at great risk of being infected by the annoying browser hijacker. Consequently, please do not browser a malicious web like pornographic web in the case that your computer is compromised by the browser hijacker.

    The damage resulted from the "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus

    Computer users must realize the serious results caused by the browser hijacker. The browser hijacker is going to damage a compromised computer at the following aspects. At first, once installed on a targeted computer, it is equipped to alter the default settings of the infected browser and redirect victims’ visiting pages to its domain with commercial ad pop ups which keep users from use their browsers normally and effectively. Cyber criminal will get unlawful profits once computer users click on the ad pop up. It is unfair for computer users to be forced as the audience of those commercial ads. At second, the browser hijacker is going to generate system obstructions and then slow down the system performance. As a result, system will come across a total crash if computer users can’t get the virus removed timely. At third, the browser hijacker is able to have a record of your personal information, and then sent your privacy to third parties who will exploit your private information for money. The risk of information leakage will be a great headache for computer users so that pleas get rid of the annoyance as soon as possible.

    The steps to remove "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus

    Press Ctrl +Shift +Esc to open Windows Task Manager and the click on Process. And then find out the process of virus and then click on end process.


    Step 2
    Press Win key +E, and then click on Organize and then "Folder and search options" and then "View". After that, please click "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".


    Step 3
    Please press Win +R to get run window, and then type regedit and then hit enter key.



    Please delete all the malicious files in Registry Editor. Computer users should keep in mind that they should delete the files which relating to the virus; any mistake will lead the crash of the vulnerable system!
    Here are all the files you need to remove.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion


    Step 5
    Reboot the computer normally to take effective, when the above steps are done.

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    In summary, "Ads by Keep Now" pop-up virus is a nasty browser hijacker which has been created by hackers to launch ads. Once installed on the random computer, the browser hijacker is going to make chaos to harm an infected computer via displaying numerous ads and generating system traffic. Please get it the browser hijacker removed at no delay.


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