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  1. c.joneslauri New Member

    Unit now has an office of about 15 people, a printer, even on a shared computer XP SP3, the other computers are WIN7. The question now is 7 computer can connect to the XP-based computer can be used normally, the other can PING pass several IP addresses, but the IP using the search XP not see the way to connect the computer to display the "Remote can not connect," Will how to deal with what is the reason?
    Already have a connection to the XP WIN7 on, but now also appears that the problems can not be used. XP-based policy group, user rights, guest accounts, services and so open, it is now part of the energy company, part of the Rom, computers are unified procurement unit brand machine.
  2. ChoAnderson Administrator

    15 sets of machines shared printer? I remember the Windows workgroup sharing limit is 10 units.
    First in the Network Neighborhood to share, if we look not see the network printer settings may not be installed.

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