Printed page text shadows causes and treatment methods

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    Fault phenomenon:
    A laser printer to print the words have the shadow.
    Failure analysis:
    The above situation common reasons:
    1 does not conform to requirements, printing paper;
    2, the transparency of print film does not conform to the specifications;
    3, the drum is bad.
    The solution:
    First of all, will be inside and outside clean, printer will internal dust and splash and toner and paper scraps after clean, then try to print. Check found paper carefully if the fault is still relatively smooth, transparent film also meets the requirements. And check the photosensitive drum, found to have damaged. May be the photosensitive drum caused by long exposure to the light. After the replacement of the same model, same specification photosensitive drum of commissioning to print, print documents is clear, troubleshooting.
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