Operating system: win7 32-bit and 64-bit difference

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    win7 operating system, meaning how many bits it means that once win7 system processor is capable of handling many bits of data, a 64-bit processor can handle 64 is equivalent to 8 bytes of data. 32-bit processor can handle at it means 32 corresponds to 4 bytes of data.

    If the 128 instruction in accordance with the 64, 32, 16 if calculated in units: the 64-bit processor as long as two instructions, 32-bit processor requires four instructions, 16-bit processor requires 8 instructions , it is apparent that when the operating frequency the same time, 64-bit processor computing speed is the fastest, more than 16, 32 to be accelerated exponentially faster, respectively, two and four times more. 64-bit and 32-bit processor comparison, 64-bit processor performance excellence is also reflected in the control and system memory utilization. Because of the use of a special integer, a logic operation ALU64 bit processor can process and the register 32 is larger integer and 16-bit, i.e. the larger address. 32 processor address space only up to 4GB, running a large program to handle large volumes of data is a 32-bit system will be very slow clumsy, operating efficiency will be greatly reduced. While the 64-bit processor can theoretically reach 18 million TB (TB and GB conversion between: 1GB = 1024MB, 1TB = 1024GB), so the 64-bit processor can solve the 32-bit operating system bottlenecks encountered an alarming rate of speed, large capacity for large data requires high processing speed applications that, AMD 64 processor's performance is even more apparent superior performance out of it.

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