Notebook digital keyboard switch

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    Different brands of laptop, alphanumeric switching method is different also, here are a few brand notebook keyboard letters variable digital switching method:
    APPLE laptop (APPLE) : press Fn + F11 or SHIFT + F11
    HP laptop (HP) : directly by the Num Lock or Fn + Num Lock (different model is different.)
    Toshiba notebook (Toshiba) : press Fn + F11
    Fujitsu notebook (Fujitsu) : press NumLk or Fn + NumLk (different model is different.)
    Lenovo notebook (Lenove) : press Fn + Insert
    SamSung notebook (SamSung) : press FN + F11
    SONY laptop (SONY) : press Fn + numLk
    DELL laptop (DELL) : according to the NumLk directly
    Acer laptop (Acer) : press Fn + F11 key
    ASUS notebook (ASUS) : press Fn + Ins (Num LK)
    IBM notebook (IBM) : press Shift + Numlk

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