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  1. s.horanmary New Member

    New gateway computer about eight days ago. Takes a long time to load anything, is lightning fast the first two months. Windows 7 running avg anti-virus, run and pseudo. I need to get rid of or one or more or there are some programs I can go to find out why this computer is running very slow?
  2. ChoAnderson Administrator

    In general terms, slowness can be caused by malware, a hard drive that is getting full (less than 10 - 15% of free space) and an excess of temporary files.

    Another program I like - also free ! - is Piriform's 'CCleaner' for getting rid of temporary files ( Just two points with its use. On the second page, 'Applications', make sure the box against 'RegEdit' is unticked, and secondly, DON'T try to clean your registry.

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