IBM notebook can't find the drive solutions

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    1. Open the notebook the fuselage, and reinstall drive a non-professional (note: caution). Remove the optical drive to turn off the computer before, unplug the power cord, and unplug the battery;
    2. The thinkpad 600600 e, 600600 Ed, 770 x 770 z model, test drive in easy - setup;
    A. hold the f1 key, and then open the computer; According to the f1 key until the occurrence of easy - setup picture; If an input password prompt, please enter the correct password;
    B. choose the test;
    C. Click the icon to test a cd-rom - 1; If the drive is normal, will show blue ok; If the drive fails, an error code will appear red;
    3. For other thinkpad model, running PC doctor for DOS to test drive is normal;
    4. Confirm whether system using the latest BIOS version;
    5. Confirm that the Windows operating system identification to burn a cd-rom device, the method is as follows: in the system of the desktop, double-click on the "my computer". If the system identification to burn a cd-rom, you will see "CD (x)", where x is a cd-rom drive.
    6. Check whether the drive can read different discs; Note: please choose disc of smooth surface, no scratches, it is best not to burn the CD were used to test;
    7. If you have the same type of notebook computer, can through the following ways to distinguish: if the cd-rom drive on the other computer can work normally; Or other PCS could drive on this computer work properly;
    8. Confirmed that have installed the latest sound card driver and video card driver;

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