How to restore the recycle bin to delete

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    Method one: the recycle bin to delete the simple recovery
    1. Open "my computer";
    2. In the "tools" menu, click on the "folder options" command;
    3. Click on the "view" TAB, and then remove the hidden protected operating system files  recommended "check box, a warning message, click" yes "button.
    4. Click "folder" button on the toolbar.
    5. Under the "folder" window on the left, to find the "recycle bin" folder (that is, the "Recycled" folder), then the "recycle bin" folder, drag the desktop. Flexible method although not reconstruction of the original "recycle bin" icon, but it can resume the function of most of the "recycle bin", including: through the file into the "recycle bin" icon on the desktop to delete files; By double clicking on the "recycle bin" icon on the desktop, right click to find the file, then click the "restore", to recover deleted files; By right-clicking on the "recycle bin" icon on the desktop, then click on the "empty recycle bin" to empty the "recycle bin", etc. Of course, you can't by right-clicking on the "recycle bin" shortcut to access the "recycle bin" attribute. If you want to set the attribute of "recycle bin", please follow the steps below operation: double-click the "recycle bin" shortcut on the desktop, in the "recycle bin" folder in the upper left corner, right-click the "recycle bin" icon, then click "properties".
    Method 2: modify the registry to restore recycle bin
    1. Click "start" \ "run", type in "regedit" in the "open" and run the registry editor.
    2. In a registry to order HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ HideDesktopIcons \ NewStartPanel;
    3. In the right pane, right-click on the " ff040-5081-101 - b - 645 9 f08-00 aa002f954e " DWORD value, and then select "modify"; 4. In the numerical data box, type the value "0", then click "ok";
    5. Quit registry editor Again, if the above process can be in the "HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Desktop \ NameSpace" registry entries, create a new named " ff040-5081-101 - b - 645 9 f08-00 aa002f954e " registry entries, then right-click on the newly built registry keys, and in the right pane, double-click the "(the default)," in the "value data" box type "Recycle Bin", click "ok"
    Group policy law
    1. Run the group policy, the method is: click on "start" \ ", in the open box type "gpedit.msc", then "ok".
    2. Under the "user profile", click on the "template" management, and then double-click on the "desktop";
    3. Double click on the "delete the recycle bin from the desktop"; 4. Click "Settings" TAB, select "not configured", then click "ok" button to tip: "group policy" is the registry module form of some of the functions in a more clear, making it easy for users to better operation and management.

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