GreatSaver adware removal

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    GreatSaver adware removal

    Are you still stuck at GreatSaver adware and can’t get it removed by yourself? Don’t worry; you will get some help from this post.

    GreatSaver has been deemed as an adware which has been created by cyber criminals to add commercial advertisements, sponsored links, ad banners for money. Once installed onto a targeted computer via hidden manners, the adware is going to handicap the browser to be a platform to launch advertisements. It has the ability to take over browsers, regardless of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome. As soon as computer users launch their browsers, it will redirect users’ homepages to a web page with numerous ads pop ups, coupons which draw attention from computer users. It is normal for businesses to advertise but it is unfair for users to be audience as they are unwilling. The ad pop ups will drive computer users crazy if they fail to get rid of it completely.

    Note: If you can’t get rid of GreatSaver adware, you are welcome to contact YooSecurity online experts for help.


    How does the GreatSaver adware sneak into a targeted computer?

    GreatSaver adware is capable of creeping into a random computer when its users do some casual activities online. The adware will permeate into a targeted computer via the following methods. On the one side, it will be installed onto a computer if users download a free program which contains adware which is beyond users’ knowledge. When computer users download or install a free program but fail to realize the existence of the adware, they may get their computer compromised by the GreatSaver adware. Malicious programs, unwanted applications, vicious update plug-in may also be bundled the horrible adware. Therefore, it is urgent for computer users to realize that they should pay more attention before they make a decision to download or install any program from the Internet. Or the adware may grab the opportunity to infiltrate into your computer without your knowledge. On the other hand, computer users may get their computers infected by the adware providing they browse a malicious web, click on unknown links, and play vicious videos. Furthermore, once internet users download any attachment from a junk email or spam email, their computers may be attacked by the vermin, as well. Accordingly, internet users are suggested that pay more attention when surf the Internet.

    What will GreatSaver adware do to harm a compromised computer?

    Once getting inside your computers, the adware is going to make chaos to frustrate computer users. At first, the adware is able to take over your browser and then modify the default settings of the infected browser. After the modification, the adware will launch itself when you open the compromised browser. As a result, your browser will be bombarded with ad pop ups, sponsored links, coupons, in-text advertisements. It will generate online traffic to interrupt your online experience. As time passed, the GreatSaver, as an ad-supported, will disable your browser completely. At second, the adware is equipped to create system vulnerabilities to introduce addition adware, spyware, malicious programs, Trojans, etc. to the contaminated computer without asking permission. Computer users may detect that the infected system is inundated with unknown programs, which created system traffic and then slow down the performance of the infected system. Consequently, please get the GreatSaver removed timely once you detect it attacks your system. At third, the vermin has the ability to take note of your information, such as bank card information, browsing histories, vital data and so on.

    The steps to remove GreatSaver adware manually

    Press Ctrl +Shift +Esc to open Windows Task Manager and the click on Process. And then find out the process of virus and then click on end process.


    Step 2
    Press Win key +E, and then click on Organize and then "Folder and search options" and then "View". After that, please click "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".


    Step 3
    Please press Win +R to get run window, and then type regedit and then hit enter key.



    Please delete all the malicious files in Registry Editor. Computer users should keep in mind that they should delete the files which relating to the virus; any mistake will lead the crash of the vulnerable system!
    Here are all the files you need to remove.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion


    Step 5
    Reboot the computer normally to take effective, when the above steps are done.

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    In summary, GreatSaver is a nasty adware which is targeted into adding commercial advertisements to your browser without approval. Once installed onto a targeted computer, the adware is going to launch ad pop ups, sponsored links to generate revenue. Additionally, the vermin can install other threats onto a compromised computer and the infected system will be disabled by those external adware without your knowledge. Apart from the ad pop ups and the external adware, the GreatSaver is equipped to gather your personal information and then send it to third parties who take advantage of your details.


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