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  1. marcial.sims New Member

    I found that my Google chrome at the point "new tab" when opening a website, instead of the previous New page. What should I do?
  2. ChoAnderson Administrator

  3. marcial.sims New Member

    Rkill 2.4.3 by Lawrence Abrams (Grinler)

    Program started at: 08/06/2013 03:11:08 PM in x64 mode.
    Windows Version: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1

    Checking for Windows services to stop:

    * No malware services found to stop.

    Checking for processes to terminate:

    * C:\Users\Dana\AppData\Roaming\gokjb.exe (PID: 3280) [UP-HEUR]

    2 proccesses terminated!

    Checking Registry for malware related settings:

    * Explorer Policy Removed: NoActiveDesktopChanges [HKLM]

    Backup Registry file created at:

    Resetting .EXE, .COM, & .BAT associations in the Windows Registry.

    Performing miscellaneous checks:

    * No issues found.

    Checking Windows Service Integrity:

    * No issues found.

    Searching for Missing Digital Signatures:

    * No issues found.

    Checking HOSTS File:

    * No issues found.

    Program finished at: 08/06/2013 03:11:40 PM
    Execution time: 0 hours(s), 0 minute(s), and 32 seconds(s)
  4. ChoAnderson Administrator

    OK, now click "Start"
    Then the search box enter "cmd".
    Then you will see a cmd.exe.
    Right it and select "Run as administrator."
    Then in the cmd.exe window that appears, enter:
    “del C:\Users\Dana\AppData\Roaming\gokjb.exe” Enter
    Restart the computer, and then check to see if there are problems.

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