FTP Folder Error

Discussion in 'YooCare/YooSecurity Customer Help Requests' started by Clark, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Clark New Member

    Hi all,
    An error when I login my FTP:
    Windows cannot access this folder.Make sure you tyeed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.
    The connection with the server was reset.
    My computer is asus laptop and Windows 7

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. KevinL Administrator

    Hi Clark,
    Please check your input the IP address is correct.
    If error message:A connection with the server could not be established
    Please check your network.
  3. Clark New Member

    My god, it is my type "ftp:\\.....",You are right, thank you very much!
  4. KevinL Administrator

    You're welcome, good luck!
  5. Clark New Member

    Thank you again. :)

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