Computer boots appear A disk read error occurred.Press ctrl + alt + del to restart

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  1. Franklin002 New Member

    Computer start when A disk read error occurred.Press ctrl + alt + del to restart. Prompted to restart after or this loop is not open. . . How to do, helpless urge you enlighten, Thank you very much.
  2. KevinL Administrator

    "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl Alt del to restart"
    There are many reasons to cause this problem:
    1)Check the floppy drive, if there is a floppy disk, and then into the BIOS boot sequence A disk starts to shut down.
    2)BIOS set will be anti-virus protection is set to enable. If it is for this reason, into the BIOS, turn off the anti-virus protection.
    3)Write boot sector error. Restore the BIOS into default, and re-plug the drive data cable, or to change a CD-ROM drive data cable.
    4 hard disk problems. The problem generally lies in the hard drive cable and hard disk damage. If the online connection, disconnect the cable, clear above the dust and the dust on your hard drive, plug it back or replace cable can be solved. Use FDISK to repartition (the data will be cleared, with caution.) 6. Fourth possibility. Recommend that you try your hard disk or system boot broken.

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