Ask experts, how to find my CD-ROM drive icon.

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    Consult experts: My laptop optical drive icon disappeared, but in the Device Manager are also found, but the drive able to open and close positions, even after the disc into the running for a while stopped, indicating that there is no CD-ROM problem right now drive to use it up. Who can help guide about it
  2. ChoAnderson Administrator

    1.BIOS recognized where the IDE channel drive is not set to disabled or turned off ;
    2 Right-click "My Computer " and select " Properties" in the pop-up window to enter the Device Manager page, and click "Refresh" to see if we can find CD-ROM drive ;
    3 In the Device Manager , double-click each IDE ATA / ATAP controllers under it , " Primary IDE Channel " and " Secondary IDE channel" - "Advanced Settings" - the "Device 0" and "Device 1" in the " device Type " is set to "auto detect" - OK.
    4 Locate the C: \ root directory of the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files ( If not, please create ) , and then in the Autoexec.bat file, enter the following : C: \ windows \ command \ mscdex / d: mscd001; enter in the Config.sys file : Device = c: \ windows \ command \ ebd \ oakcdrom.sys. Then restart the computer to see if drive found ;
    5 Replace the motherboard drivers, see if you can find the CD-ROM drive ;
    6 . Repair your system a try

    1, the boot press F8 advanced options appear to let go, choose "Last Known Good Configuration" Enter repaired.
    2, press F8 to enter safe mode after the exit , restart or shutdown the system, you can enter the normal mode ( repair registry ) .
    3 If the fault persists , please use the system comes with System Restore to restore to you does not appear that the fault repair time ( if the normal mode recovery fails , press F8 to boot into safe mode using System Restore ) .
    4 If the fault persists , use a system repair disc, open a command prompt, enter SFC / SCANNOW carriage return (SFC and / there is a space between ) , insert the original system disk repair system , the system will automatically compare repair.
    5 If the fault persists , set in the BIOS ROM as the first boot device is plugged into the system setup disk press R to select "Repair installation".
    6 , if the fault persists, reinstall the operating system.

    You can go into the registry to see:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E965-E325-11C E-BFC1-08002BE10318} Delete "upperfilter" items and "loweverfilter" item re-starting the computer

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