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    I saw on the opening of the LAN to share a lot of online articles and software, but said, are very professional , most people will look foggy , there are many software do not work after using . Here we have to use the station accessible manner for everyone to explain it.
    Put your computer to be shared workgroup unity , that is all you want to share your computer in a workgroup , the workgroup name casually . We are accustomed to using , MSHOME , etc., this is not important. Is the same as on the line , methods . In the My Computer icon on the desktop, right-click and select Properties , then select the computer name option, and then at the bottom there is a " rename this computer or join a domain " click behind the changes in the computer name to enter your computer name, of course, if you do not want to change the computer name , then do not leave it there. In the following part of the working group selection . Then put your workgroup name given to fill . Click OK on it.
    Open guest account , the method is to click on the bottom left of your computer 's Start menu , and then find the settings, and then click Control Panel , and then locate the user account click on the go . There are two accounts in order is the main administrator account , of course, if you give your computer to take the name. That is, you take the main administrator account name , and the other is a guest account . Name is Guest, click on it and select Enable to this account on the line.
    Then open the policy group command gpedit.msc method is to click on the bottom left of the screen , Start, and then click "Run" and type gpedit.msc click the Enter ( keypad Enter) strategy in the pop group selected under Local Computer Policy under Windows Settings security Settings local Policies under the user Rights Assignment. Then click User Rights Assignment in the right box to find four refused. This four rejection is linked. A Deny logon locally two refused access to this computer from the network logon as a service 4 3 denial denial as a batch job log . Double-click it to go to find them inside the accounts are deleted . All without leaving a kill . Then click OK.
    Okay so you can visit each LAN . This applies to the novice . Because of this security level is not high. However, small companies generally have nothing too important things. Reinstall the virus under enough.
    Big companies also have someone get less than that.
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